Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 Free Download

Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 Free Download Game For All PC. The latest title in the famous Combat Mission franchise of wargames, now on Steam. Shock Force 2 brings you to a hypothetical conflict in Syria between the forces of NATO and the Syrian Army.

GameCombat Mission: Shock Force 2
Download2.42 GB
PublisherSlitherine Ltd.

Game Overview:

Take command of US Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT) and Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCT) to fight against Syrian Army Infantry, Mechanized and Armored units in an arid setting. Experience the full range of modern threats to conventional military forces, including irregular combat forces, terrorists, spies, suicide bombers, IED’s and other deadly tools employed in the asymmetric warfare of the modern day.

Combat Mission Shock Force 2 free game

Players are assigned detailed missions to accomplish based on a richly diverse set of Objectives. Missions can be played in either Real Time or our WeGo hybrid turn based mode introduced with the first Combat Mission game 20 years ago .WeGo allows each player to plan out 60 seconds of combat and then watch as both sides’ commands are carried out simultaneously.

Combat Mission Shock Force 2 free

 The WeGo system also allows for re-watching turn action and playing against another player by email (PBEM) or “hotseat” on a single computer. RealTime and WeGo head to head play can also use TCP/IP on a LAN or over the Internet.

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  • Tactical warfare at battalion and below scale in a true 3D environment
  •  Command individual vehicles, teams, and squads
  • Expansive simulation of “soft factors” such as Morale, Experience, and Leadership
  • Unmatched realistic physics, ballistics, and battlefield effects
  • Unique hybrid system for RealTime or WeGo (turn based) play
  • Expanded arid combat environment, now including waterways, bridges, and other new terrain
  • On map mortars, mortar vehicles, drones, anti-aircraft fire, and other modern warfare features

System Requirements:

CPU: Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent speed AMD processor

GPU: 256 MB VRAM or better and must support 1024×768 or higher resolution in OpenGL


HDD: 10 GB Available Space

DirectX:  10 compatible Sound Card

OS: Windows 10

Installation Guide:

  1. Download the game from any of the links provided below.
  2. Please extract the files with the Password mentioned below if asked.
  3. Install the game.
  4. Run the game as an administrator.
  5. ENJOY!
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