RihnoGames on Discord

Last Updated on January 29, 2020

RihnoGames on Discord! Yeah! that’s right. We are very happy to announce RihnoGames’ official discord chat server, packed with all the awesomeness and a great opportunity to chat directly with the admins and other community members.

As discord is getting really popular in the gaming community, so we thought of taking a bit of advantage of this great service and start a server of our own, that will let all the members connect with each other and officials at RihnoGames.

Before you head over to discord there are just a couple of things to be addressed. Unlike other communities, we don’t have strict rules (at least not for now 😛 ). Just be considerate to others in the community and respect everyone.

You can discuss the latest games, releases, gameplay, or pretty much anything regarding gaming in general. You can use our dedicated channel to post a request for games.

Now, without further ado, go ahead and click on the button below to join our official discord channel.

 Have fun!