Magicka 2 Free Download with ALL DLC’s

Magicka 2 Free Download full game for PC from the links provided below with all the DLC’s. The next chapter of Magicka is here, experience a Midgard almost wiped free of Wizards with the few that do remain having either gone mad. Learn to Spell again in this spell. Download Magicka 2 with all DLC’s free & install.

Magicka 2 PC Game Overview:

Magica 2 is an action-adventure video game of 2015. This game was developed by Pieces Interactive and published by Paradox Interactive. This game was released for PC on May 26th, 2015. This game is here again to rid the world of evil, up to four wizards and their guide Vlad. Players reprise their roles as the most overpowered, unpredictably funny Wizards ever know to fantasy. With tons of robes, staffs, and weapons you can play as the robed Wizard of your choice to wreak havoc amongst hordes of fantasy creatures as you see fit.

Magicka 2 Torrent all dlc
Magicka 2 Torrent all dlc

In Magicka 2 dynamic spellcasting system can be used in many different ways, offering hours of experimentation for players to figure out which spells belong in their repertoire. Add both co-op and friendly fire on top of that and you have a recipe for hilarious disasters. Magicka 2 also offers players a story-driven campaign mode set in a lush fantasy world influenced heavily by Nordic folklore. Magicka 2 Download with all DLC’s from the links provided below.


  • Four Player Friendly Fire Compatible Co-op.
  • Combine upto 5 elements.
  • Friendly Fire is always on.
  • Overcome insurmountable odds to beat the Challenge mode.
  • Larger explosions and greatly improved graphics!
Magicka 2 Download
Magicka 2 Download
Is this Game Free for PC?

Yes, this Game is totally free for PC. You can Download it from any of the Links provided below.

What is the Version?

The Game is updated to the version v1.2.1.0 and include all DLC’s.

How to Download and Install the Game from Parts Section?

First of all, you need to Download all the Parts of the Game e.g. Part 01, Part 02, … and so on. After Downloading all the Parts, You just need to Extract the Part 01 and follow the Installation Guide/Video to Install the Game.

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Can your PC run it?

If you’re Confuse and can’t decide whether this Game will run on your PC or Not. Click on the Button below, Compare the System Requirements and Analyze how well you can run this Game.

System Requirements:

Check System Requirements for the Game Magicka 2. Compare and analyze how well your PC can run this game.

Download Magicka 2 all DLC
Download Magicka 2 all DLC

Installation Guide:

  1. Download the game from any of the links provided below.
  2. Please extract the files with the Password mentioned below if asked.
  3. Install the game.
  4. Run the game as an administrator.
  5. ENJOY!
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