Subway Surfers Download Free for PC 100% with Keyboard and Mouse

Subway Surfers is an Endless Running Video game that was first made only for Mobile Phones, but you can Download this Awesome Game from our website for Microsoft Windows (PC’s or Laptop) without any bugs or Lags. You can Control this game with Mouse or the Keyboard. The Instructions for the game is given below. 🙂 . This Addictive game was made by Kiloo. In this game, you can Collect Multiple Coins to buy the Products for your Characters. 😉

How To Install & Play :

  • Download the .rar file from the links given in description.
  • Extract the file.
  • Go to the Extracted Folder.
  • Go to –>> To Play in Keyboard (Folder).
  • Run the AutoHotKey.exe and install it.
  • Run the SubSurf.ahk,  Iconthis file.
  • Go back to the Game Folder.
  • Run the Subway Surfers Application.
  • Play and Enjoy the Game. 🙂

Subway Surfers Download Links :



Mouse & Keyboard Keys for Subway Surfers :

Keyboard keys are given below :

  • Arrow Up Key – jump.
  • Arrow Down Key – Roll Down.
  • Arrow Left Key – Move Left.
  • Arrow Right Key – Move Right.
  • Double Click – Hoverboard

Play game With Mouse : 

  • Left Click + Drag Up – Jump
  • Left Click + Drag Down – Roll Down
  • Left Click + Drag Left – Move Left
  • Left Click + Drag Right – Move Right
  • Double Click – Hoverboard

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