Coin Master Free Spins & Coins [Updated: August 2020]

Other players are destroying your place and you need coins to protect, right? I know it’s a heartbreaking moment when you build up something and others will destroy to earn coins. But you can’t do much because you’re out of shields and cant protect your village. Then you really need coin master free spins to defend yourself.

Don’t worry

We have the complete list from there you can get the spins and try your luck. You get the spins totally free from the links provided below.

Coin Master Free Spins Links

We will daily update the list, it’s not like you’ll get the spins for once. We will paste the new link daily here so you can get the maximum spins for coin master game to beat other players and get shields to protect your village.

08/09/20202 million coinsGet The Reward
08/09/202010 spins, 1 million coinsGet The Reward
07/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
07/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
07/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
07/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
07/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
06/09/202010 spins, 1 million coinsGet The Reward
06/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
06/09/202010 spins, 1 million coinsGet The Reward
06/09/20202 million coinsGet The Reward
05/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
05/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
05/09/20202 million coinsGet The Reward
05/09/202025 spinsGet The Reward
05/09/20202 million coinsGet The Reward

Game Overview:

Coin Master has become one of the popular games in the internet world Nowadays. It is all because of its high graphic, adventure, and gifts winning strategy. There are not required any special technicalities or skills. The player has to make the right decisions so that he can proceed to the next level without hurdles. Most of the time, it’s all about luck. If you wanna build up the whole village or land download Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

If you play coin master but unable to get the free coins and spins to win the reward, then you are unaware of tips to get free spins. If you are in a mood to win free spins and progress in the game, then you should follow the tricks given below.

To earn the coins, there is present the virtual slot machine. To start the game, you have to make a bet. It is basically the number of energies that you bet. Make sure to make the high bet as more the number more will be chances to get the coins and rewards.

  • After choosing the number of energies, press the red-colored button, and allow the machine to spin.
  • You will get a combination of three objects as machine stop spinning.
  • Each set has a predefined set of rewards.
  • If you get the combination of the same objects then you will get maximum profit.
  • The number of coins you earned or the things you got after spinning can be sued for making a raid in another village or you can build the village.
Coin Master Gifts

16 Incredible Ways To Get Coin Master Free Spins & Coins

It is a simple method to earn coins, but if you want a number of rewards quickly and want to build a large village then it is good to follow some tips and tricks. It will double your enjoyment and you want to keep involved in the game for hours.

1. Get Connected On Social Media

If you are a Facebook user then you can immediately connect with it, otherwise, create your Facebook account and connect Coin Master with it. Now you may be thinking about what benefits you will get on pairing your game with FB. Then let’s check.

  • On connecting, you will immediately get 50 coins. Wow isn’t it cool?
  • Invite friends through FB and enhance your lobby to get chances of earning more Spins & Coins.
  • Hundreds of coins and extra spins every day.

Try to follow the hands-on coin master or other links on social media to avail the benefits. Even you can create a fake Facebook account and play through a fake account.


You don’t have many Fb friends playing the game? Everyone is busy with their stuff? Don’t be stressed try this simple hack to earn extra coins.

  • Create your FB fake account. Use a temporary email and create different accounts that you can manage.
  • Now add the fake account in your friend list
  • Play your Coin Master Game and invite the friends
  • Accept the invitation and send rewards from your fake account.
  • Wait for notification
  • Done

Do you get these benefits without FB? No? then why are you waiting to connect with FB and get amazing advantages and you will be having more fun? Trust me!

Coin Master unlimited coins

2. Get gifts through emails

To get the coin master free spins, subscribe to moonactive. It is effortless. On the main page of Coin Master enter your email address and click on subscribe. Here you go. You will get plenty of rewards and daily spins. It is a quick and easy method where you get a reward. One plus point is that you will not get any spam it is an authentic way to earn free spins.

3. Invite Friends Through Social Media

You can give a chance to your friends to play Coin Master with you. Once your friend accepts your request, you will get 40 coins and a single spin. If your friends are not interested in playing the game, asked him don’t play, just log in via Facebook account and send you free spins.

4. You Can Request For Free Spins Too

To get the gifts from the friend you can request him to spend. In this way, you can get about 100 coin master free spins daily. You can make a list of 100 active friends that can send you a gift each day like free spin and coins.

It doesn’t seem easy to get 100 friends for this purpose who are active for the game. To make a list of people who can communicate with you, it’s good to join the Reddit or Facebook communities where thousands of people are playing this game.

Join the group and request for free spins. You will achieve more than expectations. So what are you waiting for, rush toward the community, become a member, and enjoy the game?

5. Video Ads is a Good Option

Another best way to get the free spins is by watching ads on the game. Although it’s annoying and sometimes frustrating too, it’s a great way to have spins and earn gifts. So bear them, watch them, and get incredible rewards and coins after watching.

Once you start getting benefits you will be waiting for them and there’s no ad to show, you’d definitely say “come on I need coins”. You will get spins on each Ad. So from today don’t ignore it and watch to avail advantages.

Now if you are thinking how to watch adds. It’s not complicated. You have to click on the energy capsule on the bottom side of the screen. Tap on it and watch the Ad. Each time you click you will get a free spin and get a reward on revolving the slot.

6. Spin, Spin and Spin

Avail the spin after every 4 to 5 hours as you will get the option of tons of spinning. It means try your luck and spin the wheel. Maybe you get the ward of free spins. You can pick the chain and keep spinning for many days.

A quick tip: Don’t spin every hour. As you may waste your turn. Spinning frequently provides a singe or low-level gift. So, to get a big reward to wait for 3 to 4 hours so that you get great options and maybe you can get the gift of a series of spins. Good luck, try this and win a plethora of spins.

7. Focus on the village too

When you upgrade your village, you get a bunch of spins and coins. Although it’s hard to level up the village if you stay connected with your friends and spend coins on buying the gold and other building material you will able to proceed to the next level in a short time. It will help you to get a lot of spins. So don’t focus on getting free spins instead do work on your village too to find what next.

Moreover, play by raiding other villages and get things for upgradations of your site to win the Coin Master free spins.

Coin Master Spins

8. Event Participation

Coin Master has created different fun activities for the payer, so they don’t get bored and keep involved in the game. One of the ideal ways is to participate in events. Don’t know how to play them? It is simple to join in the event. Here you will get the slot machine beneath the menu on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it and you’ll get the event name, like Pet Adventure in which you win spins and et three print symbol.

Moreover, earn rewards by participating in raids and attacking enemies. Another popular event in the game is cards booms. It involves the finding of the cards from the chest. These cards contain gifts, and most of them are loaded with the spins. Try these events, and enjoy winning free spins.

9. Complete your card set

It is not hard to complete the card set. You will find the theme easily by levelling up your village. In each collection there are present nine cards, if you collect all of them, then it’s a significant achievement for you, and you will get plenty number of coins.

You can also find these cards during occasional raids or purchase through shopping. You can use the leftover coins to get them. Once you complete your set, you get the free spins.

10. Wait For Maximum Spins

In each hour you get about five spins, but if you wait for ten hours, it means a maximum of 50 spins you have. Don’t use it as it does not generate good rewards. It means 10 hours will be an ideal time to try your luck. Remember if you spin after a long time, you will get a good number of rewards, plenty of coins plus some extra spins also.

You can apply settings to send a notification for spinning every ten hours. In this way, you automatically spin at a particular time and get the number of rewards to proceed to the next level in the game. So, why not to wait some extra time to get some extra?

11. Get cards from the community to avail more spins

f you have some extra card that you think of no use you can do trading with other friends. In this way, you may get the cards containing the free spin option. It is an ideal way to fill out the collection and get plenty of gift options.

12. Card Trading Is Another Wonderful Option

One other way to get several spins is through the use of the trading method. You can avail the inbuilt trade option. You can duplicate up to 74 cards in which several cards contain spin rewards. Complete your library not to move to another level but also get several gifts.

13. Try To Buy Cards

If you want to upgrade your village but you don’t have extra coins. No worries you can exchange your cards or spend cash to buy the cards which contain several rewards. Moreover, if you get free spins, you can also win coins through spinning.

It has another advantage that you get coins also through this method, by applying the technique you can get enough coins for village up-gradation.

14. Get A Daily Link

If you get connected on social media, you get the link regularly. Request for a link on a daily basis. It will help you to provide the option to win the cards as well as free spins.

15. Feed Your Pet

The last but not the least way that will help you win free coins and spins is feeding your pet. Each time you feed you get coins or sometimes extra reward inform of spin. It will give you 4 chances to get spins and coins. Otherwise, if you don’t feed pet you get three chances only. So be careful and keep on feeding your pet as soon as the energy is gained However, it is a luck-based keep on trying to win the reward.

16. Don’t save

Try to use the coins for the upgrading of the village as more items will generate more coins. Don’t save coins rather spend on buying good things that generate extra coins and spins.

Play from time to time. Let your pets get feed on time and make more friends on Fb so to grow your Coin Master circle. It will deficiently provide you with plenty of coins on a daily basis.

These are a few tips and tricks to play the game with interest. Don’t forget to follow all methods, you will definitely enjoy these simple, non-paid, and real hacks. Try them now and kick out your spare time by playing this amazing and interesting game.


How do you get free spins on coin master?

You can get the free spins by just visiting our website and collect the spins and coins. You can also get the amazing tricks to get coin master spins.

How many levels are there in Coin master?

There are 266 levels of coin master and more are coming in the new update.

Can you get unlimited spins in Coin master?

The honest answer to this is no, but you can still get the free spins every day by visiting here.


Getting free spins or coins through Coin master hacks is not tricky. Don’t be in hassle, wait to get the right number of spins through email, social media, and links. Hope you got the ideas, apply them now and get positive results. No more boring coin master now rather you will be having full-time fun. Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins as much you can & Enjoy!